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Case Study

Battery connector (Injection parts for electronic tool):
The customer is a Japanese company and has very high requirements on appearance (such as no raw edge) and dimensional accuracy, which the original supplier cannot meet. JCON takes care of everything from mold design to mold flow analysis, production and assembly, basically everything from start to finish. Solve long-term annoying issues to the customer such as quality and lead time caused by the original source in the past and even do a better job to satisfy customers.

Heavy Machinery Industrial Control Connector
Heavy Machinery Industrial Control Connector (Military Grade) - Injection Part:

The client provided us with product concept drawing and entrusted us all the way from develop / design the mold and then to put this customized Injection part into mass production. The most challenging part of this case is the problem resolving on Parting line, raw edge, tolerance precision, and the plastic deformation degree…etc., because there are many dense holes required to be arranged inline / neatly, and the injection part size is big itself! Eventually, in this case it turns out that we not only deliver the ODM project from starting to mass production, we also upgraded the entire quality level (it's even beyond client's expectation) by suggesting to the client to make some small change on the mold at the design stage. Gratefully the successful project again obtained one long-term partner of JCON, contributed by the hard work of the whole professional team.

Cat 6 Self-development
Cat 6 Self-development Waterproof Coupler RJ45:

In response to market demand, our company independently develops waterproof connectors, and it can reach IP68. IP68 meets cat5e cat6 cat6a performance, compatible with TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard and RoHS certification. It provides customers with the choice of outdoor waterproofing such as holiday lighting displays, IP security cameras, industrial applications and underwater connection which can work for a long time.

45 Degree Angle RJ45 Connector Jack
45 Degree Angle RJ45 Connector and Jack:

One of the worldwide famous electronic Netcom designers asked us to make this product for them. It's special because it is 45 degrees angle as well as with the LEDs. It is used for terminating Ethernet cables, allowing devices to connect to local area networks (LANs) and the broader internet. We apply for the patent, and it belongs to us.

Waterproof Connectors
Self-development Waterproof Connectors:

In response to market demand, our company independently develops waterproof connectors. Its waterproof characteristics can reach IP68, which prevent the network parts from moisture, dirt and insects for quality connections. The Protective cap design guarantees Waterproof rating no matter matted or unmatted. It has four options of RJ45 / USB / TYPE-C / HDMI… etc. It allows customers to choose the method corresponding to the environment and use it for outdoor waterproofing or underwater connection, which can work for a long time.

M12 USB Memory
M12 USB Memory Access:

M12 USB memory access function for system firmware upgrade and configuration restore and backup. The function is useful for the maintenance engineer without special technology. The system kernel will auto upgrade firmware or restore new configuration if a new firmware or configuration file exists in the plugged M12 / USB memory. It also makes the replacement / exchange very easy and friendly.

M12 / USB Memory
M12 / USB Memory

M12 USB memory access function for system firmware upgrade and configuration restore and backup.


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