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Customized Stamping Parts used in medical or Telecommunication or LED or Connector application | We aspire to be among the world's leading connector manufacturers through our professional services and high-quality products.

Customized Stamping Parts

ODM / OEM Stamping Parts

Customized Stamping Parts used in medical or Telecommunication or LED or Connector application

Our OEM / ODM stamping parts raw materials include Beryllium Copper Alloy, Copper Alloy, Brass and Stainless Steel, and the material thickness operating range from 0.15mm to 2mm.

With 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing tooling, we provide one-stop service that satisfies client's demand on customized Stamping Parts and impressive development time from Initial stage to sampling process.

Regarding the factory facilities, JCON has more than 8 punching machines with a punching force ranging from 3 tons to 80 tons.
In addition, contributed by both of the outstanding tooling creation skill and experienced engineering team, we are good at producing Stamping Parts that require high-precision as well as specific angles.
The self-design and manufacturing tooling controls the precision of our stamping parts, application industries range including: Lead frame, Battery spring and Customized terminals, Stamping parts for Antenna, Medical connector, and Motor connector…etc.

Why Choose Us for your Customized Stamping Parts Supplier?
  • Steady Massive Production Capacity.
  • Perfect Smooth Surface.
  • High Accuracy - Dimension Tolerance.
  • Strict Quality Control Incoming / Outgoing Material.
  • Advance Film Thickness Tester.
  • In-House Tooling Center.
  • Strong Engineer Team.

Feel free to contact us if you have any query or interest on our Stamping Part.

ODM / OEM Stamping Parts

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ODM / OEM Battery Spring Stamping Part - Customized Battery Spring Stamping Part
ODM / OEM Battery Spring Stamping Part
PCF Series

Battery Spring Stamping Part can be OEM / ODM and tailored to specific solutions, especially...

ODM / OEM Stamping Part for Antenna - Customized Antenna Stamping Part Used In Telecommunication Application
ODM / OEM Stamping Part for Antenna

Our OEM / ODM Stamping parts provide solutions for Antenna / Telecommunication Industry, each...

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ODM / OEM Stamping Parts | Innovative PCB Jacks for Enhanced Electronics Manufacturing | JCON

Based in Taiwan since 2010, JCON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been an expert in connector manufacturing, offering an extensive range of products including ODM / OEM Stamping Parts, RJ45 Connectors, RJ45 Inline Couplers, RJ45 Jacks, Waterproof RJ45 Couplers, PCB Jacks, and various stamped and molded parts. Offering a comprehensive range of connectivity solutions, each product is designed with precision, reliability and industry-specific requirements in mind. Their focus on innovation and quality makes them a leading choice for customers requiring advanced interconnect solutions.

Global supplier of modular jacks, IDC connectors, stamping parts, telecom connectors, RF antennas, and coaxial cables, focusing on B2B markets. Catering to the needs of buyers in the modular jack and connector market, JCON ensures top-notch quality and reliability. Our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries, offering durability and performance. Discover our innovative solutions and enhance your connectivity infrastructure with JCON's advanced products.

JCON has been providing advanced telecom connector solutions to clients, both with advanced technology and 13 years of experience, JCON ensures each customer's demands are met.