JCON participated in the Taitronics 2023 exhibition in Taipei | Revolutionize Your Connections with JCON's Waterproof RJ45 Couplers | JCON

Taitronic Exhibition | We aspire to be among the world's leading connector manufacturers through our professional services and high-quality products.

Taitronic Exhibition

JCON participated in the Taitronics 2023 exhibition in Taipei

JCON has been dedicated to manufacturing RJ45 connectors for over two decades. In 2023 at the Taipei exhibition, we showcased our new product: a waterproof Cat6A RJ45 coupler with a cable-side assembly featuring a 25mm diameter.

25 Oct, 2023 JCON

This innovative product not only supports Cat6 but also complied with the stringent IP68 standard, offering complete dust protection and water immersion resistance. Additionally, it met Category 6 performance requirements, conformed to the TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard, and was certified by RoHS. The CAT6 standard is designed for performances of up to 250 MHz and backward compatibility with CAT5 / CAT5E. Those who were interested in our latest waterproof Cat6A RJ45 coupler with the cable-side assembly had the opportunity to visit our booth, where our professional experts were available to provide comprehensive information.

Exhibition Information
  • Exhibition Dates: 2023/10/25 ~ 2023/10/27
  • Exhibit Products: RJ45 connector, Inline coupler Cat6A / Cat6 / Cat5E RJ45, Waterproof connector RJ45 / USB / HDMI, cable assembly, OEM / ODM Stamping Parts, OEM / ODM Injection Parts

JCON participated in the Taitronics 2023 exhibition in Taipei | Maximizing Network Efficiency: Discover the Advanced RJ45 Connector Solutions | JCON

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