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JCON will share the latest news and exhibition updates to provide customers with comprehensive information on our complete range of connectors and RJ45 products. Please stay tuned.

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    Electronica 2024 in München,Germany
    22 May, 2024

    JCON, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of B2B inline couplers, waterproof connectors, Keystone connectors, and M Series connectors, will showcase its latest products at Electronica 2024 in Munich, Germany, from November 12 to 15. Known for quality and innovation, JCON aims to highlight its advanced connectivity solutions, catering to the evolving needs of various industries. This event marks a significant opportunity for JCON to strengthen its global presence and engage with industry leaders, emphasizing its role as a key player in the international electronics market.

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    2024 Electronica China Exhibition in Shanghai
    16 Apr, 2024

    JCON, a leading expert in B2B inline couplers, waterproof connectors, and Keystone connectors, will unveil its latest lineup at the Electronica Shanghai,China Exhibition from July 8th to 10th, 2024. Hailing from Taiwan, JCON brings innovation and reliability to the forefront, promising to redefine industry standards with cutting-edge solutions. Don't miss the chance to witness the future of connectivity at the 2024 Electronica China Exhibition.

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    2024 Taitronics Exhibition in Taipei
    01 Apr, 2024

    JCON, a Taiwan-based leader in B2B connectors, is gearing up for the 2024 Taitronics Exhibition in Taipei. Known for its expertise in inline couplers, waterproof, and Keystone connectors, JCON will showcase its latest innovations from October 23rd to 25th, 2024. The exhibition serves as a platform for JCON to demonstrate its commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation in electronic connectors. Stay tuned as JCON prepares to make a significant impact at this renowned industry event.

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    JCON will be participating in the 2024 Computex Exhibition in Taipei
    01 Jan, 2024

    JCON, the Taiwan-based expert in B2B inline couplers and waterproof connectors, is gearing up to showcase our latest product lineup at the renowned International Electronics Exhibition taking place from June 4th to 7th, 2024.

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    JCON participated in the Taitronics 2023 exhibition in Taipei
    25 Oct, 2023

    JCON has been dedicated to manufacturing RJ45 connectors for over two decades. In 2023 at the Taipei exhibition, we showcased our new product: a waterproof Cat6A RJ45 coupler with a cable-side assembly featuring a 25mm diameter.

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    JCON joined the Computex Exhibition 2023 in Taipei
    30 May, 2023

    During this exhibition, JCON observed a significant number of Japanese customers in attendance. These customers expressed a particularly high level of interest in our waterproof connectors. We are committed to continuously developing an expanded range of waterproof connectors to meet market demands. This focus will shape our primary direction for future exhibitions.

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    JCON gain the IATF 16949 Certification
    30 May, 2023

    JCON has achieved certification to demonstrate our commitment to quality to our clients. The purpose of this effort is to secure automotive product manufacturer certification. IATF 16949 is an essential certificate that attests to a manufacturer's quality standards. We owe this accomplishment to our team members' relentless dedication and hard work throughout the audit period.

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Maximizing Network Efficiency: Discover the Advanced RJ45 Connector Solutions | JCON

Based in Taiwan since 2010, JCON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been an expert in connector manufacturing, offering an extensive range of products including RJ45 Connectors, RJ45 Inline Couplers, RJ45 Jacks, Waterproof RJ45 Couplers, PCB Jacks, and various stamped and molded parts. Offering a comprehensive range of connectivity solutions, each product is designed with precision, reliability and industry-specific requirements in mind. Their focus on innovation and quality makes them a leading choice for customers requiring advanced interconnect solutions.

Global supplier of modular jacks, IDC connectors, stamping parts, telecom connectors, RF antennas, and coaxial cables, focusing on B2B markets. Catering to the needs of buyers in the modular jack and connector market, JCON ensures top-notch quality and reliability. Our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries, offering durability and performance. Discover our innovative solutions and enhance your connectivity infrastructure with JCON's advanced products.

JCON has been providing advanced telecom connector solutions to clients, both with advanced technology and 13 years of experience, JCON ensures each customer's demands are met.